Storm Damage

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In a little more than two hours Friday afternoon, a fierce thunderstorm dumped one-point-six-five inches of rain on Rockford and surrounding areas. The rain caused flash flooding, while lightning strikes downed trees and power lines and triggered a two-alarm fire in a Cherry Valley building. More than 12,000 ComEd customers in Belvidere, Loves Park, Machesney Park and Rockford lost power. No serious injuries were reported, but the property damage was substantial in some areas.

Friday’s rains have been weighing one Rockford family down. It all started around noon with a couple puddles here or there in the house. But little did they know that the roof was slowly caving in. All it took was one big bang and everything came crashing down.

Brittany Dawson says this all happened in her room. She says, “We went in there and the roof had just fallen on the bed. We were just standing there and the rest of it kept coming off in sections and banging on the floor. It was kind of scary."

The Dawson's are renting the home. The owner was in the process of fixing the roof but Mother Nature beat him to it and did her own renovations.