Secret Information

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Rockford Alderman Dave Johnson says he has information on the police department. The only problem is no one knows how or if this rumor could be detrimental to the department.

As we told you Monday, Alderman David Johnson's son Steve is in the midst of a disciplinary hearing. Steve is an officer with the Rockford Police Department. His job though is on the line. As of right now police say Alderman Johnson's alleged information has nothing to do with the hearing.

Pugh says whatever accusations of wrongdoing Johnson has against the department, right now they are detrimental to every man and woman in the department. David Johnson did not want to go on camera but via a phone interview with 23 News, Johnson says he has been looking a various aspects of the police department for over a year. H e says the information is not anything that he's had to dig up, it's knowledge other people, possibly past officers have handed him.

Pugh says that David Johnson is being irresponsible as an elected county and city official. Others in the department uttered similar phrases. The Rockford police department says if there is something, they are fully ready to launch an investigation.

Dave Johnson tells 23 News Tuesday that he is still waiting for his son's outcome to be decided within the department. Only then will be release his findings. Right now the police department has contacted the city's legal department and the Rockford FBI office. The FBI office has been in contact with Dave Johnson before but had another conversation Tuesday morning. They say they may or may not investigate. It all depends on if the information warrants a federal investigation.