City Council Organization

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One of the on going issues, whether the city will ban all-terrain-vehicles. The seats were filled with many concerned citizens ready to re-act to the city council's decision to ban ATV's. They still have no new answers and it was only after the crowd left that new issues arose.

ATV riders watch and listen waiting for council members to cast a final vote. Instead, Rockford city council voted to send the decision back to the codes and regulations committee for further discussion.

An increase to leash law fines will also be re-addressed by the same committee. ATV's and vicious dogs were supposed to be two issues that were expected to raise many voices. Instead one resolution did.

A resolution written by 10th Ward Alderman Frank Beach asks for an investigation into why there are late Winnebago County property tax bills. Right now neither the Winnebago County Clerk’s office or the Treasurer’s office have the numbers to process the bills. 11th Ward Alderman Jeff Holt who also works in the treasurer's office says once the information is received it only takes a couple of days before the county mails the bills.

One of the issues that the city council did make a move on is an ordinance to re-organize the community development department.