Home Sales Down, Rockford Stable

That house you are living in might not be worth as much as it did a couple of months ago. Home sales plunged in July to the lowest level in 2 1/2 years.

The good news is Rockford seems to be a little more stable.

Avis Stram wanted to live in her house for the rest of her life. She can't understand why no one else feels the same.

"Quiet neighborhood, great neighbors, beautiful house!"

Stram put her home on the market in June. She's hosted five open houses.

But just ten people have shown up to look around.

"It's not what i expected it's real frustrating. I thought people... I thought it would sell in the first week because of the location, the price is right and river access. It's nice!"

Stram is not alone. Home sales in the Rockford area have dropped nearly four percent compared to July of last year.

"If it's priced correctly a year ago, you might have multiple offers in the next week. Now we're finding it's a level playing field." One realtor said.

Realtors say Rockford homes are selling. But, the fixer uppers are staying on the market.

"The red flags are the condition and also is it priced properly for the market?"

Stram says she lowered the price once and thought it was reasonable to begin with.