Lost Unemployment Checks

Illinois unemployment checks get lost in the mail

NORMAL, Ill. (AP) -- For the second time this year, the U-S Postal Service has lost unemployment checks for thousands of Illinoisans.

The state Department of Employment Security says the problem affects up to six-thousand people outside Chicago.

I-D-E-S spokeswoman Micah Matsoff says those people can wait and hope the check dated August 14th comes. Or they can go to an unemployment office with two pieces of identification and request a replacement check.

Anyone taking the second option will have to sign an affidavit promising not to cash the original check if it arrives.

Matsoff says the Postal Service also lost checks last spring and the state is pressing to find out what happened and get the problem fixed.

She adds that direct deposit is an option for unemployment recipients who don't want to take chances with the mail.