Loves Park's Biggest Road Project Ever

Development on Riverside, east of I-90 is about to take off. But soccer moms are already noticing congestion on the two lane roadway.

“They're frustrated with how slow it is to get in and out at certain times of the day, and weekends when we have tournaments, we do a pretty good job,” explains Scott Pilkerton, Sportscore Two Supervisor.

But even with the help of police the traffic can be backed up to the interstate on Thursdays when 1,000 people come through, this weekend the Gus Macker tournament will draw over 3,000 people. The present traffic conditions coupled with the anticipated growth has prompted the city and county to make improvements.

We have about $20 to $21 million in road improvements from Riverside to Paulsen and County 5 and Interstate Boulevard. The county and the city is paying $9 million,” Gino Galluzzo, Loves Park City Attorney says.

But the uniqueness of this approach is that surrounding land owners who plan on developing their property will chip in another $9 million. Farmers near the road who continue to work the land won’t be required to contribute a dime.

“We may be setting a standard for the rest of Illinois. I think we are the first ones to ask to proceed this way and I think it’s going to work well,” says John Pruitt, Loves Park Community Development Chair.

The proposal will be in front of the full council in the next two weeks; if it is passed construction could start this fall.