After the Battle

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On Saturday, Bradley Luke came home to a find himself swept up in a limo and greeted by adoring family and friends. In fact, it was a welcome fit for a king, or in this case, a hometown hero.

There was tons of preparation and plenty of anticipation from family who couldn’t wait for Bradley to be within an eye’s view. U.S. Marine Sgt. Bradley Luke has just returned to his hometown, Stockton, after serving his country in Iraq.

In the community that he returned to he’s considered a hometown hero. They say Brad's bravery and dedication to his country deserves a very special welcome home.

Brad says, “I was surprised. It's nice to see everyone come down and appreciate what the troops are doing over there.

Twenty-five-year-old Bradley has been a part of the marines for almost three years. He says there were a couple of things he missed most while in Iraq, his wife and son. Brad says he the letters and packages are what helped him through, “I received the most packages than any other member of his battalion.”

Brad will be home for a month and then off to continue his duties in Japan. He says he may re-enlist when his term is up next April.