Free Money!

The check has a well known, reputable logo on it. The letterhead is not an exact match to the real thing, but since most people have never heard of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission, it probably doesn't matter. Either way, it is one big scam.

Carolyn Anderson was suspicious, so she called the number provided.

“And I said, are you sure, and she's like really you won $370,000 and congratulations, I’m so happy for you.”

And collecting the money was all too easy. Just deposit a check that will help pay for the taxes.

“I had to take the check to the bank and deposit it and get the money gram and send it to her and she had to have it in five days.”

Still suspicious, Carolyn did an Internet search, and found a warning on the real Ontario Lottery and Gaming website.

“It’s a letter that explains this fraud operation down to the tee every thing this lady told me, it’s a fraud.”

This particular scam has been running since at least may of this year. The Rockford police are now investigating but they say the best way to fight fraud is to be prepared.

“Any time you’re taking money out of the bank its good to talk to a financial advisor make follow up calls to the better business bureau, attorney general and obviously the police,” Greg Lindmark, Deputy Chief, said.

Lindmark says these scams are becoming easier to pull off so the general public must become smarter to avoid being potential victims.