No Offer Reached

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There's talk that a work stoppage could be looming. Workers at the plant have been working on a day-to-day contract since April.

Both sides have indicated that they haven't discussed a work stoppage, yet. For that to happen 72 hours notice will have to be given before a strike or a lockout could happen. Union 745 officials tell 23 News that they walked out of negotiations Friday night after the last and final offer by Goodyear was said to be totally unacceptable.

The union says their fighting to keep job security since Goodyear wants to outsource jobs, cut pay/pensions, and also boost healthcare and prescription drug costs.

Goodyear says that the economy has been rough on the company and that they are trying to stay financially responsible. In April, Goodyear took out more than 3 billion dollars in loans to stay out of bankruptcy. A work stoppage, they say, won't be good for anybody.

The union says they are determining what the next step will be, but no new talks have been scheduled even though Goodyear says that there is an open line of communication between them in the union. The union could be forced to accept concessions through mediation if labor bargaining fails. No word on when that could happen.