Council Approves Funds for Commercial Financial Company

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Vision Financial says it will hire a-hundred employees for it's newest location and twenty-six of those will come from lower income families.

City Aldermen voted tonight on giving the company a 100-thousand dollars to start the interview process.

Vision Financial is based out of Plaines, New York and deals primarily with bank and hospital accounts. The company signed a five-year lease to take over the old World Fitness Center in Rockford Crossings off Troy road.

Employees will earn between 8-75 and 12 dollars an hour, along with benefits and a 401K plan.

"That is to help people lift themselves up to get to be productive citizens by paying taxes and things of that nature," says Alderman Victory Bell.

Aldermen Bell says Vision Financial chose Rockford over Moline and Peoria because of the city's "united team." The company has already started interviewing future employees.

Vision Financial will spend 600-thousand dollars turning the World
Fitness Center building into the future financial company site.