Roads Referendum Petition Fails

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The Northern Stateline Area Coalition needed about 6200 signatures to get a roads referendum on the November ballot. Group leaders say time was not on their side. They only got about half of the requirement.

The group says it needs 12 million dollars to fix North and South Main Streets in Rockford and Route 173 from Route 251 to I-90 at the Boone County line. The Chairman of the Northern Stateline Area Coalition says some work is being done on these roads, but in order to keep moving forward, the coalition needs help from the state. He says that because the referendum didn't pass, we are losing out on better roads as well as also a benefit to Rockford's economy.

"These projects will generate somewhere in the neighborhood of 12,000 jobs, good paying jobs for the area. That's why it's important... It's an economic development engine," says Steve Nailor, the Chairman of Rockford-Winnebago County Better Roads Association.

There is a chance a roads referendum could show up on the November ballot. If the city or county passes a resolution by September fifth and the resolution is handed into the election authority two days later.

The Northern Stateline Area Coalition says it needed to collect about 1,000 signatures a week to get enough for the November ballot. The Chairman says he would have preferred nine months over six weeks to complete the petition.