More West Nile Found In Lena

Stephenson County health officials have found two more cases of the West Nile Virus.

A dead bird found Friday in Lena tested positive for West Nile. A mosquito batch in Ridott also tested positive. It's the first time West Nile has been found in Ridott this year, and the second time in Lena. .

Health officials warn that the end of August and beginning of September is generally when we'll find more West Nile Virus activity.

Here are some guidelines Winnebago County health officials say we should follow to avoid contracting the virus:
-Avoid outdoor activities between dusk and dawn
-When outdoors between dusk and dawn, wear shoes and socks, long pants and long sleeves
-Apply insect repellent containing 25-35 percent DEET to exposed skin
-Remove standing water from around your home at least once a week

If you want more information, visit the Illinois Department of Health Website by clicking here.