Kelly-Springfield Contract Talks

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The future is uncertain for more than 700 employees at Freeport's Kelly Springfield Tire Plant. The union representing the workers says critical contract talks are not going well. That's why union members rallied today for a fair offer.

Shift changes at Freeport's Kelly Springfield Tire Plant looked a little different Thursday afternoon. Union members carried picket signs, played union pride songs and rallied. As contract talks between local 745 and parent company Goodyear creep along, union reps told these workers to be ready for a strike.

“Goodyear has fallen on tough economic times, accruing billions of dollars in debt. The company is threatening to close three U.S. plants and is asking workers for major concessions.”

"If they don't address the debt situation all that we could do by giving these concessions is two years from now give these concessions for nothing if they're going to go bellying up anyway."

Goodyear is also targeting retirees like Chuck Fulton looking to cut his and his wife's healthcare benefits.

"We have spent our whole lives working to supply these benefits they have promised, that we hope they continue to keep their promise.

The union has a set a Friday deadline for negotiations and union reps say if things don't move quickly, they'll strike.