Manufacturing Training

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A leading company in metal working technology comes to Rockford to train area manufacturing distributors and make local companies more efficient, but the training isn't reaching all the companies that need it.

Kip Hoefle's job is to get his manufacturing customers the newest and most effective milling and cutting technology. That's why the distributor is at this training seminar.

"It's important to keep up with the new technology that develops every day. There's hundreds of new products every week," says Kip.

Experts from Detroit's Seco-Carboloy are learning which technology will extend tool life and increase productivity.

"All this will be aimed at cost savings for the companies and also making people more effective in the workplace. Therefore they can possibly reduce ongoing costs and therefore they can be more cost effective," says Dennis McNamara.

While this training can be beneficially, may companies can't afford it because of the tough economy, which means they can't become more productive and save money. Only about 30 distributors total attended two training sessions.

"We've had several companies not take advantage of it because of the economies of scale. The job market is down and they've let people go so there are fewer people for them to bring to these seminars. It was tough getting people," says Dale Jensen of Rock Valley Industrial Supply.

It's just another tough reality of the Rock River Valley's struggling manufacturing sector, but these distributors hope to take the latest tools of the trade to local customers to kick the economy up a gear or two.