Police Motorcycles

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A new crime-fighting tool is rolling onto the streets of Rockford. For the first time in more than twenty years, Rockford police will use motorcycles to patrol and enforce traffic laws.

Each day, dozens of traffic complaints are lodged with Rockford Police Department, complaints about dangerous drivers who often cause serious damage. But now the department has two Harley Davidson motorcycles, a new patrol that will help catch more speeders and better enforce traffic laws.

"The mobility of the motors is going to be a real advantage especially in residential areas that are a key complaint," says Sgt. Dave Hopkins.

Police say there are other benefits to the big bikes that will hit the streets this week

"With a motorcycle you can be more inconspicuous. You can hide it all a little bit more. Be a little less obvious," says Police Chief Steven Pugh.

So far two officers are certified to ride the Harleys, and three others are going through extensive training. Chief Pugh says this is a pilot program and if all goes well, more of these motorcycles could be patrolling Rockford's streets.

Given the city's budget troubles, you might be wondering how they can afford two new Harley Davidsons. The motorcycle company is leasing them to the city for just $1.00 a day through a national program.