Back to School Shopping Season

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Shelves that once held backpacks and other school supplies sit empty at the Target on East State Street, and that suits the store just fine.

"It's one of the busier seasons of the year and a lot of people don't believe that," says Terry Holder, a guest service executive at Target.

Some of the more popular items at area stores are furniture and clothing in addition to the traditional school supplies.

"We have trucks coming seven days a week so we're replenishing all the time and its definitely needed this time of year," Holder says.

While some parents shopped alone, Annie Ciaccio brought along her two sons for the ride.

"They know what they want and that way if I come home with the wrong thing, I don't have to come back and get what they really need," Ciaccio says.

But not everyone that is out shopping for school supplies is shopping for someone else. Tonya Turnham is going back to school after her job was transferred overseas.

"I'm a little scared because it’s been awhile, but it’s gonna be exciting to be back in the academic world again," Turnham says.

Across the street OfficeMax offers shoppers expanded hours and extra cashiers to help customers move through the lines.

"Back to school for our business is equal to Christmas. Pretty much it’s a second Christmas," says Frank Leib, assistant manager of OfficeMax.

All that extra effort put on by stores this shopping season didn't go unnoticed by their customers.

"I'm really glad to see the stores stayed stocked up till the end. Last year it was like we couldn't find pocket folders, so this year is a lot better," Annie Ciaccio says.

To help parents like Ciaccio, many stores have school supply lists on hand for area schools. Those supply lists have to be completed soon though. Many area children start their first day of school this week.