Men of Integrity March in Freeport

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Teaching kids what's right and wrong is part of being a parent, but still many kids go off the beaten path, so one community is marching through the streets of Freeport with a message.

It's a song they're singing with hopes of bringing brighter days to Freeport when drugs are wiped off the streets and children are off the streets and at home learning. The Men of Integrity March is a push towards improving Freeport.

"It first starts at home with our parents. Our parents have to get more involved with their children and more involved with education and our school system," says Reverend Charles Threndgill.

Several hundred Freeport residents marched throughout neighborhoods with signs in hand and a message that if things don't improve their children can fall into a life of crime.

"We want change in our streets, we want folks to stop approaching our young people about drugs, openly selling crack cocaine in our neighborhoods," says Stephenson County Board Member Samuel Newton.

Parents say they hope the march will influence criminals to change their ways.

"We've been running from criminals and people selling drugs and it's time for us to run and begin being the ones doing the chasing," says parent Audrey Moore-Howard.

The Men of Integrity March is just one of several plans to improve Freeport. The schools are asking parents to come with their kids to the first day of school, and every week there will be discussions about future neighborhood plans.

Freeport Mayor Gaulrapp named today the official "Day of Integrity." You can expect to see more of these days filled with demonstrations in the future.