District 100 Referendum

The Belvidere school district is growing, a new high school is being built, but the district still faces overcrowding. The Board of Education hopes Monday night’s “yes” vote will help, bringing the issue to referendum this fall.

If the referendum is approved the district believes it will be able to address the kindergarten through eighth grade overcrowding. They will also be able to operate the newly built buildings and maintain a high level of education through at least 2010.

Belvidere already spends far less than most schools, so if the referendum fails the district will be in a world of hurt.

Most people want the referendum proposal in real dollars and cents, so here it is. If you have a $100,000 house it will be another $184 for 2006; a $200,000 house would be twice as much, $368.

The referendum will be on the November 7 General Election ballot for those living in Boone, McHenery and Dekalb Counties within District 100.