Breaking News: Rescue Crews Find Body in the River

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Rescuers were called to the Rock River in Oregon for two individuals in the river right around 4 p.m. One man, 27-year-old managed to swim to an island. He was flown to a hospital in Dixon for exhaustion. But one person was still missing.

Crews went into a search mode then as time went on they switched to a recovery mode. That is when they drag the river to try to find a body. A 32-year-old man was recovered. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Oregon Fire Chief Don Heller states what might have happened before his death.

Heller says, “From what witnesses say they were fishing in the east side of the river. They walked across the dam. The current was too strong and swept them away. "

About 7 different fire districts responded with divers and boats. One of the men is from Chicago the other from Skokie. The two were cousins in town for a weekend of fishing.