Perfect Porches Pointed out

Here are the winners:
John P. Barton Jr., 727 Davis St.; Todd and Nancy Carlson, 1964 Harlem Blvd.; Deborah DeMars, 5044 Parliament Place; Lessie Hubbard, 1502 Chestnut St.; Diane Meltmar, 1502 National Ave.; Virginia A. Polizzi, 847 N. First St.; Karen and Alfred Saethre, 319 S. Third St.; Ronald E. Sunday, 916 N. Prospect; Gene and June Snyder, 207 S. Rockford.
Business winners are Habaneros Mexican Grill and Salsa Bar, 3929 Broadway.; Miller Eye Center, 2995 Eastrock Drive; Paulson Apartments, 1721 S. Alpine.