Car vs. House

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The Bently family heard a loud crash around 1:30 a.m. Seconds later their whole house shook.

The noise settled but the shock remained when they realized what had happened.

Two of the Bently's kids and a visiting niece were upstairs playing video games when the house was struck, Crystal and her husband were sleeping on the other side of a wall, just a few feet away.

Twenty-six-year-old Nathan Tilbury and his passenger were north bound on 19th Street. Police say Tilbury ignored this stop sign. Tilbery's SUV collided with 19-year-old John Ayres car sending it crashing into the Bently's porch. Ayres was taken to Rockford Memorial Hospital. Both Tilbury and his passenger walked away.

Part of the concern stems from the fact that there are two day care's near the intersection one run by the Bently's. They say they've seen two serious accidents and several near misses and fear for the children. Neighbors say they've petitioned for a 4-way stop at the intersection in the past and were surprised by the response.

The intersection sits in Alderman Frank Beach's 10th Ward. He says he was not made aware of the concerns of the intersection. He says he will look into the incident and do whatever he can to help.

Tilbury was sited for causing the accident. At last check Ayres was listed in stable condition. Ayres was driving on a revoked license.