Tourism Visit

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They came from South Africa, Romania, Brazil, Poland, Hungry, 16 countries in all.

Germany tour representative Warner Michels says it's better to sell a destination if you've been there.

The struggling economy and outbreak of ARS has travelers here and abroad looking for something a bit more economical and out of the ordinary.

Travel representative Elaina Aus Den Ruthen from Mexico says it's important to offer something new and completely different to entice travel.
Rockford city officials have been working to increase Rockford’s appeal to people who wouldn't generally consider it a place to visit.

The visit from the travel representatives is a big step in that direction, and that could mean more tourist dollars deposited into Rockford’s economy.

John Groh of Rockford Area Visitors Bureau says it's important to build relationships with other countries. He says in the long run that will mean significant economic rewards for the community.

The groups visit takes them to some of the city's hot tourism spots like Midway Villiage, Burpee Museum and Anderson Japanese Gardens. And after that, it's back to their countries to spread the word the group will also visit other cities in the Illinois including Quincy and Galena.