Girl Scouts Talk Bullies

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School bullies used to be thought of as the big kid knocking down our books and stealing our lunch money. But things have changed and the Girl Scouts of America say it's the young ladies who have taken bullying to the next level.

Girl scouts attending middle and high school in the Stateline put their acting skills to the test today. They spent the day writing and acting in three mini skits that will be shown to Girl Scout chapters in Boone, Winnebago and Ogle counties.

The skits identified mean behavior and showed the proper way to handle a bully. Some girl scouts say they see a lot of students getting picked on in school.

"It's important to do this because when you go to school you know what to do or not to do so it's like going up to people so they don't do it anymore," says Girl Scout Francia Morena.

The mini skits will come with questions for other Girl Scout chapters to discuss. The Rock River Valley chapter plans to enter the skits into a national contest.

Bullying amongst girls is becoming a major problem nationwide. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says about thirty percent of teens are involved in bullying. This can cause severe anxiety and depression.