UPDATE: Marsh Elementary To Re-Open Tuesday

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- 35 people were without water today, after a main breaks in a residential neighborhood, leaving one backyard completely torn up.

A family's backyard is being ripped up after a broken main occur ed around 5 P.M. Sunday night. City workers say it's much more difficult to fix backyard pipe breaks because you don't have the toughness of cement keeping the heavy machinery stable. They say the pipe was 50 years old, and about two thousand gallons of water were pouring out every minute.

"We tried getting in there last night, and we just sank down into the ground. We had to wait until this morning, until it dried up a little bit. We turned off all the valves that affected the water so we could turn off the water," says Tim Hanson, Director of the Public Works Dept. Rockford.

35 homes had their water restored Monday afternoon. Marsh School was closed down because they also didn't have water. They will resume school on Tuesday.

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