Board Votes

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The board’s approval vote allows $750 million to be taken from $1.5 million previously allocated to fund Machesney Parks Perryville Road project, which would develop the portion of Perryville Road that runs from Route 173 to Swanson Road. That money would then be used to fund the Willowbrook Road development project just south of the Illinois Wisconsin boarder.

Machesney Park mayor Linda Vaughn says she’s disappointed the board is cutting their funding in half.

Companies in the Willowbrook Road area, including pacific bearing, have threaten to move operations out of the Rockford area due to poor conditions which include no proper sewage system. Winnebago County board member John Sweeney says it's important to Rockford’s economy these employers happy because they provide "living wage" jobs.

But mayor Vaughn says the Perryville project will also help create jobs and is just as important to Rockford’s economy.

She says the money was already approved for the Perryville project and board members should stick to their word. Mayor Vaughn also says $750 million is not enough to fund either project singularly and dividing the money between the two projects would be a mistake.

Members who approved the measure say developing the infrastructure along Willowbrook road will help keep and attract jobs, and that attracting new jobs should be first priority.