YMCA Progress Update

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Construction workers are laying the foundations of the new YMCA on the east side of Winnebago County. As they prepare to raise walls, leaders of the YMCA are trying to find donations to pay for the new building.

"We have to raise an additional one million dollars. We've already raised $600,000 towards that final push, but we're launching a founders’ campaign to close that final gap," said YMCA Executive Director Wray Howard.

There are new developments all around the YMCA. The Rockford Park District is building a baseball field and a recreation path, and those who don't want to play baseball can watch it next door at Riverhawk's Stadium.

"The growth that's expected out here, and the new road systems will really make the whole area expand, which is why we need a new YMCA," said Howard.

Some residents who live near the YMCA site wish additional roads were built before the new attractions.

"That's the real issue with traffic out here. Already there's traffic jams when you go to the ballpark or soccer tournaments, so we really need to get avenues with handling traffic that would make it better," said Mark Ackerman.

Loves Park and Winnebago County officials are planning to build new roads to ease traffic around the YMCA within the next few years.