National Night Out

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We all want our kids to grow up in safe neighborhoods. But in order to achieve this goal, we've gotta help out the police.

Leading a neighborhood watch group brings Becky Lichty loads of pride.

"We've seen arrests made more drastically and it's becoming a much more quiet neighborhood which is one thing we're happy about," says Lichty, the President of an area neighborhood association.

Lichty's neighborhood is part of several neighborhood watch groups celebrated during National Night Out. While kids get to dance and take tours of fire trucks, neighborhood groups share success stories and uncover ways to keep their backyards safe.

"Our neighborhood association is fighting our own battles in our neighborhoods to get rid of drugs and crime and we want to participate tonight with all the different organizations," Lichty says.

National Night Out was chosen to take place at Lewis Lemon Academy because of "it's" successful neighborhood watch group. Since the group started last year, crime has gone down seven percent. Rockford police say they owe a big thanks to the "badgeless officers."

Sgt. Thomas Coe says, "by keeping their neighborhoods clean by keeping match, it makes our job easier they give us info before it becomes a serious problem so we can intervene and help tackle the problem.”

Lichty says she hopes her neighborhood will have the same success as the area surrounding Lewis Lemon....when her group hosts National Night Out this time next year.

Despite such high temperatures, about 200-people made it to National Night Out, which is similar to the amount who attended last year. Other events took place in Belvidere, Freeport and for the first time in Oregon.