A/C vs. Fans: Which Could Be Dangerous?

It is ridiculously hot, but inside where air conditioning is present, temperatures are comfortable.

If you don’t have the best weapon against heat, a/c, then there are some other options. However, you need to know when these options will work and when they could be dangerous.

Two of the most common tools used to escape from summer heat are air conditioners and fans, but there is an important difference that could affect your health during the dog days of summer.

Air conditioners can literally be a lifesaver, but they are expensive to buy and to run, so many people rely on fans to keep them cool.

When air is cooler than your body temperature, fans cool you down by blowing more and more cool air over your skin. But when the air is in the 100°s or upper 90° a fan will actually act like a space heater, and it could dangerously increase your body temperature.

Those are the times when it is best to turn the fan off and head for the air conditioning.