A Hero at 15

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While her friends were just getting out of school, 15-year-old Jessica Bowron, home sick, was busy saving her father's life.

"I was scared. I thought he was going to die. I thought he was going to drown to death," says Jessica.

Her dad, Steve, was mowing the law when his tractor got stuck in the pond on their property.

"It rolled over and the tire was on top of my chest and I was pinned under the water. She jumped in and just held my face above the water," says Steve.

Jessica held her dad's head above water for 20 minutes until the first emergency response teams arrived. Twenty minutes that seemed like a lifetime.

"It was really cold and my legs were starting to go numb. All I could think about was keeping my dad's head above water," says Jessica.

Other than a few cuts and bruises, Steve will be fine. But those moments will be hard to erase: A daughter literally holding her father's life in her hands.

"Her life was in danger too. I mean just one more inch and that tractor could've fallen on her too. But she acted without even thinking."
And while people are calling her a hero, Jessica still sees herself as a typical teenager.

Asked if she'd do it again she says, "Yeah."