Revisions To A Downtown Liquor Ordinance

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Rockford aldermen tell two groups who agree to disagree to try to settle it on their own. As of Monday night a liquor ordinance had been revised 8 times. For 22 years On The waterfront officials have gone about their business and so have downtown bar owners. But right now the two are clashing.

An Open Container Policy at this year's On The Waterfront festival is up for debate. Bar owners want patrons to be able to leave any establishment with a drink in hand. On The Waterfront officials worry about the extra liability. OTW is responsible for insuring over the 30 city blocks.

Kim Casey, OTW Board Chair says, “We do not have any agreement with sharing revenue/expense. We do that with all our Waterfront partners we share expense and we share risk. We try to make it beneficial for both sides.

Chris Wachowiak who owns Krypto Music Lounge states, "We tried to come to an agreement. We gave them alternative solutions. We as business owners are very savvy. We were scoffed at like you don't know what you're talking about."

The River District announced that they are throwing their support to the Open Container Policy. The River District says they believe the policy will enhance the experience of festival goers. OTW officials and Downtown Retailers are supposed to meet again this week. If they can't finalize an agreement the city will be forced to step in and aldermen would be the decision makers.