Ryan Aide's Girlfriend Sentenced

The woman who got George Ryan's right-hand man to spill the former governor's political secrets has been sentenced to four months in federal prison.

Thirty-seven-year-old Andrea Coutretsis wiped away a tear as she told U-S District Chief Judge James Holderman she was sorry for lying to a federal grand jury six times.

Holderman wanted to sentence Coutretsis to probation. But he says letting her avoid prison wouldn't deter others from committing perjury.

But the judge did say Coutretsis deserved a break for getting her fiance, former Ryan chief of staff Scott Fawell, to help prosecutors. Fawell was the government's leadoff witness at Ryan's trial.
Ryan and businessman Larry Warner were convicted of racketeering, mail fraud and other offenses in April and now are awaiting their sentences.