The Right To Breastfeed

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It's pretty much a natural instinct. Your little ones are hungry so you feed them. But feeding time was interrupted for one mom who says she has the right to breastfeed. It's one of the best bonding experiences between a mother and their child. So Lacey Richardson was shocked when the connection between her and 6-month-old Olivia was interrupted.

Lacey Richardson was trying to breastfeed her baby at Magic Waters and says, "Someone came up to me and said ma’am, excuse me you need to cover up. I said no I don't I will when I'm done. I'm nursing my baby."

And she has the right to respond the way she did. Illinois has a law that makes it legal for women to nurse in public or private places. But workers at Magic Waters were unaware of the Right to Breastfeed Act.

Magic Waters General Manager Jodi Carroll said, "At the park we have issues with dress and we teach all of our staff about appropriate swim attire. And I believe what happened is they were using those principles."

Magic Waters is treating the incident as a learning experience. Lacey hopes that she has not only educated staff but other mothers.

Lacey states, "I just wanted to let moms know that they can do that is, if they want to, yes, yes they can."

Jodi tells 23 News, "Certainly at any Rockford Park District facility or program we are supportive moms who nurse their children and we will make all the accommodations necessary."

Lacey says she's not upset with Magic Waters and even plans to go back.