Postal Service Announcement

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Congressman Don Manzullo announced Monday that mail processing operations will stay in Rockford. For several months U.S. Postal Service officials have been considering consolidating Rockford's Post Office with Palatine. Between 50 and 100 jobs would have been impacted by the move.

"This is a huge day for us, a tremendous victory for the postal workers here in Rockford and the citizens of the communities we serve," said Gregg Voiles, Rockford Postal Workers Union President.

The U.S. Post Office is considering consolidating processing centers around the country. They decided to keep operations in Rockford because hundreds of residents expressed concerns over their mail being delayed if operations were sent to Palatine.

"I've even had a few experiences myself, waiting, it took too long to receive what takes a few minutes to ship to Palatine and come back after we cancel it, and then that was just going against the grain," said Dwight Perkins, an employee of the Rockford Postal Office.

There's no guarantee the Post Office won't revisit the issue. Competition from e-mail and rising costs are forcing postal officials to find ways to save money.

"Based upon the strength of the letter and the fact that they're consolidating elsewhere this looks pretty good," said Congressman Don Manzullo.

Currently mail sent out of northern Illinois on the weekend is sorted in Palatine. It takes three to four days longer to reach its destination than mail that is postmarked in Rockford during the week.