Solid Rock Church

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A Poplar Grove church was told last November to get out of town. And after months of heartache and frustration, the Solid Rock Church took head to that mandate.

It's just a day before services begin at Solid Rock Church and members have already met the Harvard welcome wagon.

"We came to Harvard here we were welcomed by city officials by zoning officials we were welcome by the Harvard School Board so I'm already feeling the love here," says Pastor Dave Gardner.

The Village of Harvard is making up for how the North Boone School District treated the church this spring. Solid Rock was forced to leave this little old church in Poplar Grove to make room for more growth.

The district is exploring adding classrooms and parking lots.
Pastor Dave Gardner says Solid Rock prayed for the school board last Sunday, despite the initial disappointment.

"We're not mad at the school board and we're not mad at anyone out there and we're not holding any hard feelings and hope to see them in church sometime, we'd love to have them," he says.

But the big move isn't going to come cheap. Solid Rock used to pay one-dollar a year to rent the space from the district. Now they had to buy the century old church for 360-thousand dollars. Church goers say they're looking forward to going to services in it's new home.

Usher Kay Blazer says, "This is turning out to be a very awesome church at first we didn't think it was gonna be much but boy the way people are pitching in, this is gonna be an awesome church."

The new location is about a third bigger than Poplar Grove. It's 95-hundred square feet. There's also a daycare..which is new to Solid Rock. And the stained glass windows are hand-painted, unlike the ones purchased from Walmart.

About a hundred people attended Solid Rock Church in Poplar Grove. Pastor Gardner says he expects the church to get even bigger in Harvard. Their first service in the new location is tomorrow at 10 a.m.