Target Job Fair

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About a thousand job seekers turn out Wednesday for a Target job fair. The national chain will open a new store in Machesney Park in July, and with unemployment so high in the state line, there are plenty applicants to fill the jobs.

The line started early and continued through the day, as hundreds of job seekers compete for 180 jobs at the new target store opening in Machesney Park.

"I'll take anything I can get now adays when you've been looking for a year, you take what you can get," says Gardner.

Garner and other applicants spent about two to three hours waiting in lines, filling out forms and interviewing for jobs in a several of departments.

“It's been incredible. We opened the other target store up in 1992 and there was a comparable unemployment rate and we had about 2500 people. I think we'll meet or exceed that in these two days without a doubt,” says Teders.

With Rockford's high unemployment rate, many expected the wait to be even worse.

The job fair continues on Thursday and just as many people are expected to turn out. The Machesney Park Target store will open on July 27. The Target job fair is open until 8 p.m. Wednesday night at the Forest Hills Lodge and continues there Thursday from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m.

Applicants who have already applied at the Rockford store should reapply at this job fair.