West Side Trash Problem

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"I've been here 39 years and I've lived with garbage forever, and it’s gotta stop. I'm tired of it," says Rockford resident Patricia Eddy.

Eddy caused quite a stir at Thursday night's Winnebago County Board meeting by giving a passionate speech about the deplorable conditions in her neighborhood. She lives down the street from a trash-strewn lot located in the 2900 block of Cunningham Road. The lot was owned by Robert Johnson for years until his recent death.

"You've got to come see what we live with. You can't judge it otherwise," Eddy says.

Rockford police have made an effort to crack down on crime in this area. However, it is not crime but trash which continues impact morale on this street.

"When people come in on the west side, they say 'oh, we're on the west side.' they can tell because its junky," Eddy says.

The Winnebago County Highway Department has placed barricades in front of the property, and the state's attorney's office has filed a motion to prevent Johnson's family from allowing the dumping of trash on the property. Still, Eddy says she and her neighbors are forgotten by the County Board.

"They forgot about the west side. They took all the money over to the east side, they've done everything over there and they've forgotten we live here," she says.

The state's attorney's office tells 23 News the matter will be in court on August 7.