Sales Tax Hike

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Smooth roads have a hefty price tag and in order to start rolling out those orange barrels and fixing up our roads, some Rockford Aldermen want to raise sales taxes.

Specifically a three-quarter percent hike. The money will be used to fill potholes and re-pave Rockford streets. It's estimated that about 12-million dollars could be generated from the tax increase. Several areas have already been targeted for work such as West State Street and various side streets. Some drivers say they don't mind the sales tax hike as long as it means safer roads.

"I think it's fine, if necessary. Like I say as long as they do what they say they'll use it for. You have to fix the roads. You don't have the money for whatcha gonna do," says Terry Stobart.

The Aldermen will decide by September 5th if the proposed sales tax hike goes on the November or April ballot. And if it is passed, the increase most likely won't go into effect until January of two-thousand-eight.

And Rockford Aldermen want to hear what you think about raising the sales tax. They'll be hosting a community forum sometime next week... We'll be sure to update you on the details.