Hamilton Sundstrand's Future

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This is a vote that could find them locked out of the company’s plant when they show up for work Monday morning.

Sundstrand’s union workers current five-year contract expires Monday. The two sides have been working to come to an agreement on a new contract for the past two months, sometimes working around the clock. Sunday the union met behind closed doors to discuss logistics and vote on whether to accept or reject Sunstrand’s latest proposal.

Union members waited patiently and found creative ways to pass the time while the votes were being tallied. And then the results came in, out of 698 ballots, 62 voted yes and 636 voted no.

Retiree benefits have been one of the main sticking points through out contract talks. This is a benefit that could affect the unions 800 working members future.
Local 592 President Jeff Bronson says under the companies plan people with 24 years or less of service would retire with no pre-65 healthcare benefits.

Members say the company has threatened to play hardball by locking the doors to them if they voted no. Workers say that they stand by their vote and that it should give the company a wake up call.

Jeff Bronson says the membership does not have plans to strike. But if they find themselves locked out of the plant Monday morning they will hold a lockout picket.