Sex Offender Laws

Sex Offender
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Belvidere residents continue to push for changes in sex offender laws.

Tenants of a local apartment complex headed to Belvidere City Council asking for their support for new legislation. Monday, the city council supported the request to tighten up laws on the whereabouts of sexual offenders.

Tenants of the Foxwood Hills Apartment complex in Belvidere want an ordinance that would notify people before they sign a lease that a sexual molester lives there.

Considering an accused sexual offender already resides in the complex, some think this a necessary move to ensure the safety of his family. And city officials are forming a resolution in hopes of getting the state's support on this issue.

The city council is also working towards waiving a $10 fee to get a list of sexual offenders from city hall. Residents are also seeking legislation that would possibly give municipalities greater strengths in enforcing sexual abuse laws.