Lebanese Doctor in Rockford

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Dr. Teddy Bachawaty of Crusader Clinic is anxiously waiting to find out if his friends and family are safe. His brother and three cousins went to Lebanon for a wedding three days before fighting started. He hasn't heard from them since Monday.

“It's very hard and very frustrating. I mean, it's depressing to watch all these people on the news being killed left and right, especially when you have someone you love there and you cannot be sure they are okay or safe," Teddy Bachawaty, M.D. said.

Dr. Bachawaty's parents are stuck in Lebanon. Israel continued to attack Beirut's airport Thursday and warships are blocking off seaports. Dr. Bachawaty's American cousins may be trying to exit on U.S. military ships.

"I know it's going to be a hard decision to my cousins and my brother who can get outside by these ways, but are they going to leave their parents there who can't leave? It's going to be tough."

Dr. Bachawaty left Beirut nine years ago to pursue a medical career in the United States. He was tired of dodging bullets in a civil war.

"At least we knew this area is unsafe, we would avoid it. Now nowhere is safe."

A ceasefire is nowhere in sight. Israel continues to pound Lebanon with air strikes. The death toll has risen above 300.