Double Murder Suicide

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Police in Wyoming say a South Beloit man thought to be murdered sunday morning turns out to be the killer himself. The incident happened near the University of Wyoming campus in Laramie on sunday. Three students were found dead.

Here is what investigators say happened: 20-year-old Justin Geiger killed two fellow students, tried to kill a third, and then turned a gun on himself sunday morning. It happened in a home near the University of Wyoming campus.

Police think Geiger shot Amber Carlson of Denver, fatally stabbed Laramie resident Adam Towler, and stabbed a young man who survived, Anthony Llochak. Geiger then shot himself in the head. Picking up the pieces for the Geiger family, as we might expect, is going to be horribly difficult....Geiger's parents will need special support from their friends and family.
"Make sure and offer them that support right now and reassure them that they are and it's going to be the biggest factor in moving through this process," says psychologist Kevin Allegmegne.

Police still don't know the order of events. There is speculation carlson may have been invovled with someone she was dating and the former boyfriend came home.