What Will Winnebago Look Like in 2030?

In 1981 President Reagan was shot in the chest, Raiders of the Lost Arc was the top grossing moving, and MTV was first seen on a new thing called cable. 1981 was also the last time Winnebago County put together a long-term plan for the future. County board members say that plan is now out dated.

The long range planning and steering committee met Wednesday to kick off its 2030 plan. This is only the first step and it is going to take a long time to iron out. One issue that is sure to be brought up is the struggle between development and agriculture.

People often look for quite county living in a rural subdivision. In an effort to manage the growth the county is coming up with a comprehensive plan. Conservationists would like to see the development kept in large pockets, in stead of small dots all over the map.

Such a policy could lessen the amount of so called NIMBY “Not in my back yard” issues. Keeping most developed residential areas separate from, things like an ethanol plant, or a hog processing plant. But that could mean more regulations on what you can do with your land, which doesn't sit well with most people.

A compromise must be met because rows of houses will be built on land that once contained rows of crops, and families will always want to get a way from the city.