Heat Wave Affects Local Businesses

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Shelves that once held air conditioners at target sit empty as Stateline residents rush out to beat the heat.

"Our air conditioners, we usually sell out and we get replenished throughout the week and the same time they come in, they go right back out the door," says Alisha Connelly, a logistics manager at Target.

Target and other area stores have seen a spike in sales with consumers looking to stay indoors.

"The heat wave has had an effect on that so people are coming in, buying water, Gatorade trying to keep themselves cool," Connelly says.

And on a day when the heat index approached triple digits, people were looking to do just about anything to keep cool. Over 6,000 headed out to Magic Waters. That's close to the parks maximum capacity and its been that way for the past 2 days.

"We expect crowds of this size, we plan for crowds of this size, and we're excited that people are coming out," says Reid Tennant, Assistant Manager of Magic Waters.

Tennant says the bigger crowds have meant bigger paychecks for his employees.

"They're working a little bit longer, a little bit more than forty, some of them, per week," he says.

However, this weekend's heat hasn't meant big business for all Stateline retailers. The normally busy Dari Fair on Kilburn Avenue was for the most part deserted.

"Its been a rough day because its been so hot. Usually when its hot out, people come get ice cream. People don't even want to leave their air conditioning today," says Brett Painter, a Dari Fair employee.

One look at local thermometers reading close to triple digits tells us all we need to know about why people want to stay where it is cool.

A few things to remember: avoid going out in the heat, especially around midday. Don't leave any person or pet in a parked car, even for a few minutes. And drink at least eight glasses of water and natural juices a day. Avoid alcohol, coffee and colas.