ComEd Is Ready For The Energy Demand

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On that day it was 98 degrees and ComEd reached a record for the amount of energy needed. At some point this summer, ComEd predicts that we will surpass that record and need 23,000 mega watts. In anticipation of that day, $146 million was spent gearing up for the summer demand. So far there haven't been any problems but usually there is less of a demand on weekends.

ComEd Spokesman Paul Callighan says, "Probably the real challenge we will have is when you have real hot weather and you're using all equipment at capacity that's going to bring about a potential to find the weakest link in the chain of distribution. So it's probably at this point we anticipate problems that might occur with distribution wires sagging into tree limbs causing outages or things like that."

Extra crews have been called in during this stretch of hot weather. If you need some energy saving tips log onto