Neighbors Remember Murder Victim

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This 65-year-old man was just a month shy of regaining his vision.

"He can't see very good, he hold the paper right up to his face," says neighbor Harm Klinger.

Bill Sumner was going to have eye surgery so he could see more than just shadows. "He wears em thick glasses and runs into you every time," Klinger says.

Neighbors say Sumner was ecstatic about being able to see. But his decade-old plan ended when he died of a head injury Thursday in the hospital. Bill had just bought cigarettes from Nobles Discount Shop when he was attacked while walking home. Now neighbors say they're scared to run their daily errands.

"It's scary that you can't feel safe walking around here especially in the daytime," says neighbor Sandra Kilpatrick.

Sumner was known to walk everywhere. Living at Faust landmark apartments for seniors, he had easy access to all the local shops and restaurants.

The owner of Parthenios Luncheonette says, "Nice guy, friendly to the customers...I know him for a long time."

Sumner was a regular at Parthenios Luncheonette. He used to sit at the counter but moved to the back booth after hurting hurt his leg when a city bus crashed through the door in 1995. Those at Faust Apartments say he wasn't very close with anyone, but friendly with everyone.

"We all see him on the streets all the time, that's when I'll miss him the most." Bill Sumner was murdered, but his impact on the community will live on.