Former Political Leader Sues Blagojevich

Governor Rod Blagojevich says new claims of political hiring and firing by his office are "absurd" and "ridiculous." Asked if that means the allegations are false, Blagojevich once again called them ridiculous.

The former director of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency said Thursday he was forced out of his job for refusing to take part in political hiring and firing. A lawsuit filed Thursday by Maynard Crossland claims Blagojevich aides came to his office in 2003 with a chart indicating who the governor wanted fired. Crossland says he was told the employees should be let go because they were Republicans, even though their jobs were protected from political firing.

Crossland's lawsuit also claims the Democrat's office ordered him to create a job for a lawmaker's wife, despite questions about whether she had mishandled government money. Crossland is suing in Sangamon County court under Illinois' "whistle blower" protection laws.