Boone County Controversy

Over the last year the Boone Heritage Wind Farm proposal has gone back and forth, and back again several times. Wednesday night the Boone County Board took another vote. This time, denying a project that would put 15 wind turbines in rural Boone County.

The board voted 7 to 4 against allowing the wind farm to be built. Now the question is, will the decision stick, or will the non-stop drama and confusion continue for the Boone County Board?

The board discussed the validity of a decision made by the zoning board of appeals. That decision was that the wind farm applicant did indeed meet the six requirements before him. Wednesday the full board decided he did not.

The sticking points were primarily the safety of surrounding properties and the ability of neighbors to enjoy their land. The man who has been pushing for the wind farm, Wallace Ramsay, says the board has taken their personal viewpoints and put them in front of the law.

Ramsay said the fight is no where near being over, he may be right for several reasons. One of which is the question of whether or not the official record was complete. If it is ruled incomplete, the board may have to vote again.

A judge is expected to have the final word on the wind farm proposal in mid-September.