A New Twist To The Sales Tax

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At Monday night’s Rockford City Council meeting, a recommendation was made regarding the 1% sales tax. Under this plan, it might not be such a bumpy road to get this passed. In April it came down to trust. Voters decided that they did not want to trust what a permanent 1% sales tax would fund.

Rockford alderman Dan Conness proposed a ¾% sales tax with 100% of the money being used to pay for Rockford road improvements. Each alderman would receive 1/15th of the revenue to smooth out their constituents ride. The mayor and the public works department would get the same deal. Here's the catch, we would get to re-evaluate the sales tax in two years. So it could potentially expire in June 2009. Coincidentally, all 14 aldermen and the mayor are up for re-election at that time.

Alderman Jeff Holt says, “I believe it's a great leap of faith for the aldermen to say to the community give us the opportunity to use this 3/4%, decide whether or not you feel that we're making good use of that money and if not get rid of us. Get rid of the sales tax."

Normally the city has about $14 million to spend on infrastructure but since the 1% sales tax failed in April the city only has $5 million. That's barely enough money to repair potholes throughout the year. This proposal now goes to the Finance and Personnel Committee.