Boone County Growth

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New development is the talk of the town in places like Belvidere and Poplar Grove. It seems you can't drive a mile without spotting construction or just finished condominiums in Boone County.

"It's never going to be the way it used to be. The price will never go down, as the demand increases the supply won't meet demand, and the only way to regulate that is price," Dennis Sweeney, the vice president of the Greater Rockford Area Homebuilder's Association, said.

As the population of Boone County grows so does the demand on its infrastructure. Belvidere is imposing impact fees on new homes to pay for expansions of schools.

"These people are paying huge amounts of tax dollars to the school district," Sweeney said.

Some realtors say we'll never be able to sell homes in Boone County for Chicago suburbs prices. The lower cost of land is one of the main reasons people move here.

"People come to live out here because there's affordable housing and because the way they can get to their jobs quickly, but if the prices are too high then it's going to keep people from coming out here much," David Reyes of Advantage Realtors in Belvidere said.

Boone County's location is the other reason it is considered prime real estate. It's a 20 minute drive to Rockford and a little over an hour on I-90 to the north side of Chicago.

"We have a lot of people knocking on our doors from McHenry County, Kane County, Cook County," Reyes said.

But the price of real estate has to match that of northern Illinois, or realtors worry investors will stay closer to Chicago.