Child Support

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If you owe child support in the state of Illinois, your face most likely is on the internet. This is one of a few measures Governor Rod Blagojevich has taken to get estranged parents to pay up.

The deadbeat parent website and new hire directory is helping catch those who owe. Their info is available for anyone to see, including future employers.

But one parent we spoke to says she's still waiting to get her check. Rebecca Novak of Rockford posted the info of her son's father on the internet two years ago. The only response she's gotten was a letter from Blagojevich a week ago saying they're still trying to find his father. Rebecca says he disappeared 11 years ago when her son was born. He currenlty owes about $20,000 in child support.

"Find a better way to catch these guys who seem to escape through the loop holes and really enforce the stronger stricter laws not just take away their drivers license but put them on a more serious offense if they were to get caught. They're a criminal, they should be charged like a criminal," Novak says.

The program has gotten much better since 2001. Only a little over $700 were collected at that time.

The National Child Support Enforcement Association has named the state of Illinois' program the most improved program in the nation.